A biography about a friend – Mya

Blazing as bright as a star, my friend leads the way with a happy expression (manner). A false friend is like a shadow on a dial, it appears in clear weather but vanishes as soon as a cloud approach. Anonymous

Mya is always there for me even if the times are hard. Calmly (Peacefully), she’d approach someone in the schoolyard who’s alone or hurt and won’t hesitate to help. During school, she’s very playful. After she’s always willing to play with me. Greed isn’t in her dictionary.


Alternatives – Blue

Binding Conjunctions – Pink

100 word challenge week 4 – Introductions and openings

Learning with my year 4 teacher was fun. Ms Trengove (Now known as Mrs Ratcliff) is like an encyclopedia, always smart but inquisitive When I left year 4 I was really sad because I thought I’d never be taught by her again. Meanwhile, in yr 6 I became the Digital Technology Rep and I found out that she was the head of it. Overjoyed at this I worked hard with her and I still do.

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100 Word Challenge – Term 2 Week 3 – Introducing your Pet


Willow is not your everyday pet. When my family adopted Willow from the Pet Adoption Center at the pet shop in Marden about a year ago, She was just a little bundle of fluff and joy. We couldn’t have imagined that such a small, adorable kitten, would grow into such a loyal and independent member of our family. Willow became part of the Sampson-Ly family in November 2017, a few months after my old cat, Claudia had died.  We were ‘looking at a house’ and we just didn’t imagine that my parents would go to a ‘cat house’ and find a kitten as perfect as Willow, so quickly!

My Picture From Home (Willow’s Working Selfie)

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Student Blogging Challenge 8, Commenting

Hi everyone! This post is about… Commenting! Great guess! Now the first person I commented on was Lily.

Wow, lily! This is so informative! I love Delta Goodrem too! Do you watch the voice? I kind of do. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’ll see you soon!


The second person I commented on was Figgy.

Hahaha! This is so funny! Great job on your ‘Unlikely Bucket list.’ I think that your header quote is really amazing. I find that waking up is hard too. Good luck with your next post! Here is my blog link: https://anastaciaw618.edublogs.org/

The third person was Patricia.

Wow! you’ve been doing a lot of work. I really value this! Also, I really like your header quote. Please visit my blog at http://anastaciaw618.edublogs.org/

And the fourth person was Chloe: http://chloezz3.edublogs.org/

Wow! This is AMAZING! I mean, how did you do that? I really value the lots of work and effort you put into this! Please comment on my blog at http://anastaciaw618.edublogs.org/

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Taylor Swift – 100 Word Challenge Term 2 – Biography Introduction

Today I’ll be writing a biography of Taylor Swift.
Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer and songwriter. She is one of the top artists and she is known for songs about her personal life. She was born on the 13th of December, Reading, Pennsylvania, United States. Also Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) is the eighth-most-followed user on Instagram (107 million followers). Taylor Swift was the only writer of her 2010 album, Speak Now. It was put as the number #1 song in the US and the song ‘Mean’ won two Grammy Awards. Her 5th album became the first to have three albums to sell 1 million copies in one week in the US. Its songs ‘Shake it off’, ‘Blank Space’, and ‘Bad Blood’ reached number #1 in the US, Australia, and Canada. The album received three Grammy Awards, and Taylor Swift became the first woman to win Album of the Year twice.
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Sometimes… You lose 200 word challenge – Tightening Tension

Wow, I’m sitting in a dark corner, tied up ready to be tossed into a killer tornado. I’ve failed. No one can save me now. The stupid, corrupted people helped make an immensely strong tornado with my emotions. It will destroy the entire earth in 1 hour. The villain behind this is my own BROTHER! My whole family is on the dark side now. I hate them! Oh no. The tornado is getting stronger. It’s using up all my emotions. I start to feel weak, then I fall into a deep sleep. I am in the eye of a tornado. I have a new strength. I can make it! I see my family controlled by my Brother! I will WIN! I wake up. The bonds that tied me up to the emotion taker has snapped. How? I wonder. I race out with my new found strength. I flick my hand and win? No! It’s a vision. My brother is here! He is trying to take me! I run and run my feet only slowing and then I turn around and punch the air. The vision vanishes. My brother is dead. I killed him. With a punch? I then realise I am holding a knife. Purple blood drips from it. My brother stumbled out of his old crumpled body, dazed. You…You saved me! He rushes over and gives me a hug. I am too stunned to say anything. I then realise that he was corrupted by an alien thing. It wasn’t his fault! I…I have killed it. It is gone! I have won! My family is back!

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Poem on a piece of remixed music – Student Blog Challenge 3


I am trying to get to you,

and am feeling really blue.

But really I am sad and alone

and am sick of living on my own.

If you make me cry,

I will soon die.

But now I am strong,

and the past memories will always last forever long.

You have committed none as much as this crime

Who knows what lies ahead in the midst of time.

Here is the link to the person who made this music:

Chill Nation n.d., accessed 23 March 2018,                                                                                                                                  <https://www.youtube.com/user/ChillStepNation>.

And here is the site where I got it from:

Selena Gomez & Marshmello – Wolves (Said The Sky Remix) n.d., accessed 23 March 2018, <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnocuEXuUzo&index=9&list=PL7zsB-C3aNu03RwSy2Bn3Ov3oaEReOlT5>.

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How To Comment On Other People’s Blogs – Student Blog Challenge 2

Hi there! This is something from the student blogging challenge on how to post a comment on someone else’s blog. Let’s get started!

  1. Go on to anyone’s blog and click on a post you would like to comment on.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the post until you see a grey box with a white square inside.
  3. Click on it and write your comment.
  4. When you are finished click on the button that says ‘POST’ (or submit, you get the idea)
  5. Tell the person (if you can) that you have commented and you would like them to check it out. I look at my blog every day so if you comment I will be sure to see it.

I hope my instructions are helpful. If there are any questions feel free to comment. Be warned though because any rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted!!! But any other feedback comments will be read and responded to ASAP! Thanks, See you next post!